FA45 is a SMG In Future of war 1

FOW Campagin


It is very common weapon used by V.P Solders in missions 1-7 and not in missions 7-16 (last mission is 16) and it's a starting weapon in the missions ,4,7 with 3 attachments (Long Barrel and Select Fire and Thermal Scope in Mission 7) and it's a primary weapon to Kakob in all missions except for mission 1. Damage: 35/100(SP) 40/100(MP) 59/100(VPZ)

FOW Muitplayer


The FA45 Is The First Sub Machine Unlocked (CAC And Starting Class) and has Damage That Is Comparable to The H1276 Pistol Which had 41/100 Damage In Both SP and MP and the H1276 was your secondary in the starting class this was in but it is more powerful then the G44 SMG Which Deals 30/100 In Modes SP and MP and VPZ so this weapon is a valueable but has slower reload then G44 and slower fire rate then the G44 SMG and has less Attachments then the G44 but the G44 is unlocked at level 25 and it's the 4th SMG to unlock and the FA45 though is a very amazing weapon to use in hardcore modes though

Attachment may make weapons crappy but only 5 attachments are able to be useable as 2 optics are used

Long Barrel is a very special attachment for the weapon as it's gains the range of the F112 sniper rifle which has the 2nd best range other than the C47H LMG with Long Barrel but yet this is worth it though

Select Fire Isn't the best as low damage makes it a 2 round burst and their's a 3.5 very noticeable second delay and it makes it to where you need at most 4 bursts and if you use Select Fire Only one more (not counting optics) attachment can be used(the attachment is Long Barrel) so Select Fire is very risky to use though due to the delay of bursts and a lack of attachments to side with the gun and this attachment

Braker is a very useful attachment if you camp as it makes your shots not appear on minimap which could help even on long range even though it has (sorta) bad range which could help though a good amount

Optics are very valueable even if you have great iron sights but their are only 2 optics and 1 unique one

Red Dot Sight is your 1st optic unlocked as thermal scope is last optic (also the last unlocked attachment too) and it's very basic and it's though on all guns so you may try to save your unlock token to get another attachment as your secondary will take red dot too so you pretty much may try to use the iron sights on this gun even though the FA45 has one of the worst iron sights in all of the Future Of War guns though but sadly it's recoil is increased by 2.5% which is hardly noticed though being a low recoil SMG which is great.

Thermal Scope is a very great fit for the FA45 as it reduces recoil by 5% and recoil is kinda high though.

V.P Zombies


FA45 Is a wall weapon in all 2 maps Cyborg of the Dead and Fall Of Shadows and they are both in the left side door and this version of the FA45 is a full auto and is revamped to instead of being 2 handed it's now 1 handed and pretty much more powerful but damage at round 10 it's damage becomes 35/100 but the Up-in-Graded version turns into the Fudged Apple 45000 and becomes 65/100 Damage and becomes 60/100 damage on round 75 which is know to be insane and ammo goes from 50/250 to 50/350 but recoil is increased by 2.5% due to the red dot sight which is hardly noticed though


FA45 stats before Up-in-Graded upgrade

Fire Rate: 701 RPM

Ammo 50/250

Damage 59/100

Recoil: 2.5 less than upgraded version


Fudged Apple 45000 Up-in-Graded Upgraded Stats

Fire Rate 999 RPM

Ammo 50/

Damage 65/100

Recoil 2.5 more then non-upgraded version



UIGed version has tape on mag but early in development it was going to become Fast Mags but Removed

MP Version was going to be select fire 5 round burst but a error in development caused it to be 2 round burst but in-game it says if dropped in select fire mode it says FA45 5roundburstSMG

fire rate is known to be 600 RPM in SP but not in VPZ and MP

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