The Remington 125 is a SP only gun is the only shot gun in the Campaign and is only in missions 2-4 and it's a pump action shotgun that is a 1 shot kill up to 10 feet and is a 1 shot kill headshot up to 12 feet and it is a rare weapon to pick up so ammo for it is very rare as you start finding at the (almost) end of mission 2 (and you wont have it at start of mission 3 and if you get it in mission 3 you wont start mission 4 with it either) and starting ammo if you get it the ammo count is 6/6 and ammo each you get is 3 so if you got 6/6 and get 3 bullets from 2 dead solders it's 6/12 and the weapon though is worth a shot. Damage 85/100 (drops to 70)


In PC Version pumping the guns makes no sound

If you do give all console command on pc in campaign missions that have this gun for pick up you wont get it from console command (same with missions without it useable)

the gun in 3rd person is holded with one hand but in 1st person is holded with 2 hands

on pc if you have unlimted ammo hack it will not work for this weapon due to weapons files are coded not the same as instead of .reg it's .lek

The weapon is able to be used in mission 9 but its on a unseeable bipod

The weapon was planned to be useable in MP but removed early in development

the gun is replaced by the STG90 pump action shotgun in MP and VPZ

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