The TWD Model 1 is a ShotGun is Future Of War Hot Ops 1 only in co-op war but had cut game files for it to be in hot ops 2 zombies

For the non-pump action and fully-auto variant look up TWD-S2

Co-op War


The TWD Model 1 is the last unlocked shotgun at level 56.

The TWD Model 1's Strong Suit is it's damage and reload speed and range While it reloads every 1 shell

it looks like it reloads every two shells and it's speedy and range is one of the highest range guns other than Sniper Rifles and has highest damage but it's iron sights are one of the worst iron sights in hot ops one and sadly does not support any optics except for Sniper Scope which is it's only attachment which is not recommended as it increases recoil by 2.5 percent instead of 1.5 percent and it's design gives it a square scope.



This was a planned zombies sniper rifle however it was removed very early in development

This is the only gun not usable with overkill

it is the only primary that only supports one attachment

it is shown on table of unusable guns on the map Sea in time warfare (this gun is replaced by the TWD-S2 on the remastered version)

In time warfare 1 it is a unbuyable wall weapon on the 1st zombies map you cannot go to it's location but it's seeable with highest brightness and lowest graphic settings

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